The 2022 IEEE International Conference on
Cybernetics and Computational Intelligence
Malang, June 16-18, 2022

Cyberneticscom 2022

The 2022 IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics and Computational Intelligence

CyberneticsCom is the flagship conference of the IEEE Indonesia Section. This scientific conference is often referred to as IEEE CyberneticsCom. This conference is a major international forum for Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, and practitioners interested in the study, analysis, design, modeling, and implementation. Implementation in Cybernetics, Machine Systems, Computational Intelligence, Science and Engineering Systems both theoretically and practically in various fields of application. IEEE CyberneticsCom is an agenda that is not always routinely carried out every year, so it is necessary to make this reputable conference regularly to accommodate researchers, academics, and practitioners in publishing research results.

The last CyberneticsCom has reached its fifth agenda where this event was successfully held in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, in 2019. Previously, this reputable scientific conference had inked gold on the previous year’s event, namely: the 4th CyberneticsCom in 2017 in Phuket Thailand, the 3rd CyberneticsCom in 2016 in Makassar, Indonesia, the 2nd CyberneticsCom in 2013 in Yogyakarta Indonesia, and the first CyberneticsCom in Bali Indonesia in 2012

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The topics of interest include but are not limited to the following areas:


Awareness Computing; Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems; Big Data Computing; Cognitive Situation Management; Computational Cybernetics;
Cyber-Physical Systems; Cybernetics for Cyber-Physical Systems; Cyber Security; Cyber-Medical Systems; Cybermatics; Evolving Intelligent Systems; Granular Computing; Information Assurance & Intelligent Multimedia-Mobile Communications; Intelligent Industrial Systems; Intelligent Internet Systems; Intelligent Vehicular Systems & Control; Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Medical Informatics; Quantum Cybernetics; Social and Economic Security; Social Computing and Social Intelligence

Human-Machine System

Biometrics and Applications; Brain-Machine Interface Systems; Cognitive Computing; Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design; Information Systems for Design and Marketing; Human-Machine Communication; Data and Communication System; Internet of Things; Environmental Sensing, Networking, and Decision-Making (ESND); Human-centered Transportation Systems; Human-Computer Interaction; Interactive and Wearable Computing and Devices; Shared Control; Companion Technology; Human Perception in Multimedia Computing; Multimedia Processing; Pattern Recognition; Signal and Systems; Image and Video Processing; Visual Analytics and Communication

Systems Science and Engineering

Bio-mechatronics and Bio-robotics Systems (B2S); Blockchain; Cyber-Physical Cloud Systems; Discrete Event Systems; Enterprise Architecture and Engineering; Enterprise Information Systems; Grey Systems; Homeland Security; Infrastructure Systems and Services; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Intelligent Green Production Systems; Intelligent Learning in Control Systems; Intelligent Power and Energy Systems; Logistics Informatics and Industrial Security Systems; Medical Mechatronics; Model-Based Systems Engineering; Robotics and Intelligent Sensing; Service Systems and Organization; System of Systems; Unmanned Maritime Systems Engineering

Computational Intelligence

Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning; Distributed Intelligent System; Deep Reinforcement Learning and Games; Game Theory and Multi-Agent Optimization; Artificial Intelligence; Bioinformatics and Bio-Engineering; Cognitive and Developmental System; Neural Networks; Fuzzy Systems; Evolutionary Computation; Soft Computing; Autonomous Learning Systems; Computational Learning Theory; Natural Language Processing; Data Clustering; Data Mining and Big Data Analytics; Probabilistic Methods; Software Optimization; Computational Collective Intelligence; Computational Intelligence System; Computational Finance and Economics; Computational Life Science; Computational Psychophysiology; Smart World

Data Science

Data mining foundations; Parallel and Distributed Data Mining Algorithms, Data Streams Mining, Graph Mining, Spatial Data Mining, Text video, Multimedia Data Mining, Web Mining, Pre-Processing Techniques, Visualization, Security and Information Hiding in Data Mining
Data mining applications; Databases, Bioinformatics, Biometrics, Image Analysis, Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Classification, Clustering Social Networks, Educational Data Mining, Financial Modeling; Knowledge Processing;Data and Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Discovery Framework and Process, Including Pre- and Post-Processing, Integration of Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining, Integrating Constraints and Knowledge in the KDD Process, Exploring Data Analysis, Inference of Causes, Prediction, Evaluating, Consolidating and Explaining Discovered Knowledge, Statistical Techniques for Generation a Robust, Consistent Data Model, Interactive Data Exploration / Visualization and Discovery, Languages and Interfaces for Data Mining, Mining Trends, Opportunities and Risks, Mining from Low-Quality Information Sources
Data Mining & Machine Learning Tasks;Machine Learning Applications, Learning in knowledge-intensive systems, Learning Methods and analysis, Learning Problems, Deep Learning; Big Data; Big Data Algorithms, Big Data Fundamentals, Learning Methods and analysis, Big Data Management and Frameworks, Big Data Search, Big Data security, Big Data Applications

Artificial Intelligence

AI Algorithms; Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications; Automatic control;
Bioinformatics; Natural Language Processing; CAD Design and Testing; Computer Vision and Speech ; Understanding; Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools; Fuzzy Logic; Heuristic and AI Planning ; Strategies and Tools; Computational Theories of Learning; Hybrid Intelligent Systems; Information retrieval;Intelligent System Architectures; Neural Networks; Knowledge Representation; Knowledge-based Systems; Mechatronics; Multimedia and Cognitive ;Informatics; Parallel Processing; Pattern Recognition; Pervasive Computing and Ambient ;Intelligence; Programming Languages; Reasoning and Evolution; Recent Trends and Developments; Robotics; Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies; Soft Computing Theory and Applications; Software and Hardware Architectures; Web Intelligence Applications and Search;